Melissa is a great coach. She has grounded me in the use of Meditation and I now use it throughout my day. She brings a deep sense of balance to her classes and speaks from her heart. Her expertise and great fundamental knowledge of meditation was invaluable!

Awesome guided meditation hour … forgot to mention, my headache is gone!

– Scott A. Bedford
– President, Peninsula Capital Management

Melissa blends intelligence with insight to help you see where your world is working well and where it could be better. Because people are naturally adaptive, we tend to adapt to whatever our situation is, losing perspective about the most essential elements that make our lives great. With a combination of personal insight and an understanding of meditation, Melissa does a great job helping to identify those areas which are out of balance, and a path to improvement. For me, my nutrition was a big problem, although I didn’t know it, and my stress levels contributed to all sorts of eating and sleeping challenges. Melissa helped me to get on a plan that keeps my life in a balance.

– Scott Langmack
– CEO, ConnectUp


Melissa’s weekly coaching sessions have helped me to lose fat and gain muscle by recognizing what foods are healthy to eat. My sessions with her help me stay focused on my wellness plan and they help me prepare for new challenging food situations such as travel. I now order the right things on the plane and on the road. I have lost 5% body fat so far.

– Jerome Williams
– Player, San Francisco Giants


After consulting with Melissa, I learned a tremendous amount about what my body needs in order to perform on game day. It’s hard to find the right pre-game meal due to nervousness and then what you do eat must last for 4 hours. I have experimented with your pre-game meal plan and been very happy with the results. I realize how important the strategy of “nutrient timing” is days and hours before the game to be successful and perform at my best.

– Stephen Boyd
– Player, Detroit Lions



Hi Melissa, I want to thank you for all your help this summer. It really made a difference in my life and helped me to achieve my goals. I start school soon and have my last day of volleyball tryouts tomorrow.

I wanted to show you these before and after pictures of me, the one on the left is from July 13th, 2014 and the one on the right is from TODAY! August 15, 2015 … just one month later.

Thanks again so much, I couldn’t have done it without you! :)


– Claire
– San Mateo, CA

Melissa’s coaching program enabled me to reach deeper inside my consciousness and really see where I needed to better connect with myself and, in turn, with the people I love. Now armed with a combination of lifestyle and stress management along with coping skills, I am moving forward with more positivity and sensitivity in all my relationships – including with myself.

Melissa is a complete professional. She made me feel at ease and ready accept who I am and what I am capable of achieving. I definitely recommend working with Melissa if you want to have a happy, healthy relationship – with yourself and others!

– Jeff Z.
– Danville, CA

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? Just one evening of Melissa’s Coaching program made me feel ready to conquer the fears and commit to a positive higher self!

With a combination of nutrition, fitness and stress management her coaching program can be the difference we all need to succeed.

Melissa is so professional and made everyone feel at ease and ready to manifest they really want. If you want to Live In Gratitude, this is the perfect coach for you!

– Jane G.
– San Carlos, CA

Before going to see Melissa, I was very discouraged that the dieting I’d tried on my own had absolutely no effect. I’d never worked with a nutritionist or life coach before, but I loved Melissa’s positive energy, so I decided to give her a try. Am I ever glad that I did! Since starting my weekly meetings with her 4 weeks ago, I have consistently been losing 1-2 pounds per week without feeling hungry, deprived, or stressed out. Her simple carb-counting instructions empowered me with a clear and easy plan from day one. I feel fabulous and am now confident that I can meet my weight loss goals. I’m not especially into the advice she gives about meditation, but the other aspects of her life-coaching combined with the nutrition advice have definitely helped me think about what I really want in life. The money I’ve spent on her one-on-one consultation package is well worth it; I know she also has some group/online packages at a lower cost, but I have found the individual attention and flexible scheduling of the personal sessions well worth the money. Thank you, Melissa

– Jennifer P.
– Mountain View, CA

Melissa Redd is a great nutritionist, she helped me analyze my diet, and taught me some great tricks to making new habits. After being bombarded by a a billion fad diet ads on TV, I arrived confused and ready to get the straight word on what really works and what doesn’t. She delivered with a whole system that worked, and makes common sense without any gimmicks. Want to lose weight like clock-work? Give Melissa a call!

– Jennifer O.
– San Francisco, CA

Melissa provides a balanced approach in her coaching and her programs are very practical. I hosted a “Shape Up” party and my guests were all pleased with the wellness program and their personal results. I’ve followed her mind/body health program of nutrition, exercise and stress management tools. And, as a result, I have adopted a much healthier lifestyle. Melissa’s positive and energetic personality is refreshing and I love participating in her sessions. I highly recommend Melissa and Redd Coaching.

– Karen E.
– Palo Alto, CA

I’ve looked to Melissa for support for several years now. She brings a positive attitude and unlimited energy to her clients. Whether you’re looking for guidance in nutrition, exercise, stress-reduction, self esteem, spirituality, personal improvement or professional challenges, Melissa can help you get started on the path to success. She guides you in understanding the problem, helps to clarify the goal, and gives visualization techniques for reaching the goal. I recommend Redd Coaching. It works!

– C. H.
– Newark, CA

I had lost the bubble on my fitness and health and spent many frustrating months trying to get back to the high level of fitness I had enjoyed just a few years earlier. I could not sustain any program until I went to an informational session with Melissa Redd of Redd Coaching. Melissa explained how her program worked and what was expected of participants. I signed up and was delighted to watch my level of fitness return–slowly at first, but unmistakably, until I had met all my objectives.

The transformation was really remarkable. Melissa’s program simply makes sense. It involves introspection to learn what is blocking progress, well-documented nutritional information, exercise, stress management methods, and a good dose of accountability. After two years, I still carry with me the stress management tips she taught me. She is knowledgeable, listens well, and is a superb coach.

Any personal development endeavor, including meeting your personal health, life and fitness goals needs to be facilitated with a good coach, and Melissa is one of the very best.

– Robert F.
– Boulder, CO

I was facing several difficult situations in life – unemployed, ending a long term relationship, losing control over my weight & diet – basically feeling like I was living in state of chaos. Redd Coaching came to my rescue – Melissa Redd’s expertise on nutrition and her ability to communicate straight forward advice, without making you feel judged for your short-comings, was exactly what I needed to get my life back on track. Melissa’s style is manageable and motivating and hits on your overall lifestyle. She is not just focused on food & exercise but overall wellness. Melissa was just the boost I needed to refocus and move forward in a more positive direction. I highly suggest Redd Coaching! CALL MELISSA NOW!

– Tammi B.
– Benecia, CA

Melissa’s program provided me with tools to map out a new life direction and find the internal drive to stay on this new path. Her positive energy and practical insights have motivated and inspired me to create a richer, more fulfilling life. In approaching the end of her coaching program, I am on the verge of achieving one of my main objectives towards a healthier life.

– Tanya B.
– Palo Alto, CA

Melissa Redd of Redd Coaching has changed my life dramatically since I’ve been working with her as my Life Coach. I am a 52-year old woman and have struggled with extra weight, lack of motivation to exercise, chronic-pain issues and a sincere addiction to sugar. Melissa has helped me in ALL these areas. Her positive outlook and health-focus are just perfect for me. I have grown in so many ways.her meditation practice with staying in the present and getting grounded and exercising positive self-talk were just the start.

She has helped me with nutrition, exercise and wellness training. I am a more fulfilled and positive person. My favorite and most used practice is to have a special place in my home.a place I can go to get grounded and calm, to reset if needed. I use this many times a day and feel gratitude often throughout the day, thanks to Melissa.

Mother of two – Anonymous


Recently took Melissa Redd’s Life Coaching program and thought it was a very valuable class. Melissa is a fantastic coach and motivator. She focuses on healthy eating, good exercise routines and staying emotionally healthy and centered. As a medical professional, I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to lose weight and become more physically fit. I would also recommend this course to anyone who wants to work more on becoming the person they truly want to be.

– C. D.
– Redwood City, CA

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