Much of the Redd Coaching trainings are modeled after world famous Cognitive Behavior Therapist, Dr. Pat Allen.

At Redd Coaching we teach that to have a healthy, intimate relationship, you must have “the 3 C’s.”

1. Chemistry

  • This usually happens in the first 1-3 minutes. You have a gut reaction, “I like this guy or gal … he/she is cute.”
  • I like your smell.
  • My body likes your body.

2. Compatibility

  • We are going to the same place, we have the same goals over the next 3-5 years.
  • We are living in the same state, or can see each other frequently every month.
  • We are in the same age range.
  • We tend to be from the same socio- economic background.

3. Communication

  • We share time speaking and listening
  • We care about each other’s want and needs
  • We care about each other’s feelings
  • We are conscious equal partners, and our communication is respectful and cherishing

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