One weekend can change everything for you!

Retreats offer an opportunity to learn healthy lifestyle habits and release the toxins of everyday stress and life. They are an experience designed to help relax, play and let go of old habits that hold you back from being your most authentic self.

We meditate. We relax. We dine on local organic meals. We find inner peace. We do yoga. We connect with ourselves, with others and with the spirit of the Earth. We go on adventures, and we learn skills that help us nurture our body, our mind, our spirit and our planet.

Our next Luxury Health Retreat will take place at a private facility June 2-4, 2016 in Lake Tahoe, CA. Please click the link to contact for more information.

Click here to find out more about the June Retreat in Tahoe

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Montara Puerto Vallarta Tahoe
Montara_1.30 20160114_214736_resized_1 image001

Our most recent retreat in Puerto Vallarta was well attended and highly successful for all who attended. Please contact Melissa now to sign up for the June retreat in Lake Tahoe.

Puerto Vallarta:

20160116_165038_resized                              20160115_111557_resized_1                                20160114_223659_resized

FB_IMG_1456334773938               FB_IMG_1456334984860                 20160115_175520_resized_1

Some photos from our retreat in Montara:






For more information on our upcoming retreat (June 2016), please contact Melissa

Click here to find out more about the June Retreat in Tahoe


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